ICONIC Human Design Education

Change your Fate—Dare to Individuate!

About Us

We serve people who want to Emerge as their own sovereign Authority through commitment to educational excellence in Ra’s Human Design System and succeed materially together. Awaken Entrepreneurs! 

The Human Design System mighty network is a private members space for the Human Design Life with Laveena Archers and our fractal family. It is a place to connect with other students about the experiment of living as one's self and living life in our own HD way. This space is yours to co-create. Want to share in the joys, challenges, and adventures of learning to live in alignment with your highest purpose, with people who share your love for learning to live in alignment using the Human Design System?

Why You Should Join Us

A space that is private, safe and solely dedicated to our Human Design deconditioning and growth experience. This space is unique in that you can customize your own experience based on your interests. Your passions, your needs, your desires for connection, community and empowerment. Shape your space based on your design's interests and specifics. 

A Big Thanks

With the manipulation of your private data on social media and the increased need for security and empowerment, we decided it's time to plan an exit from Facebook with its increasing stress, pressure, and censorship. Thank You for being a part of our community and helping us grow away from the influence of the homogenized society.